Product Design & Advertising


New Yorkers are overworked, exhausted and overly stressed more than ever. 


The Zen-Pod is a relaxation service for busy individuals to have a quick getaway (nap) in a capsule. Clients can customize the pod according to sounds, visuals and scent as well.

My Role

1. Concept, Copy

2. UI Design


Uten Lama, Tyisha Kellman, Mahroo Seeman

Visual Design /

Key Features


Creators are able to set up a small biography and display different skills.

Reserve: Date & Time

Users can make reservations by selecting date & time at a specific location as well.

Reserve: Customization

When making a reservation, users can also customize their pod according to their preference. Ie: Fragrance, Sounds, VR. 

Zen Radio

With the app, users can also take the zen-pod experience home with the zen radio. Whether for sleep or simple relaxation, zen radio will shuffle different sounds and music to make the user zen.


Promote Zen-Pod's mission to give that “getaway” experience when entering the zen-pod. To do so, we wanted to depict our target audience (office workers) wearing work clothes at a location with beautiful scenery.

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User Research 


Mia Raish | 35 | Lawyer



Wants to spend more time with kids and wants to have more energy.


Rest time, solitude for herself

This classroom project was created for the course CT341 Design for Web-based UI. This is purely for educational purposes and I do not claim any textual information nor photos.