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Advertising Campaign Case Study


Condiments are never the star of the show:
they’re what goes on the side. Heinz needs to establish itself as the main event. In celebration of their 150th anniversary of Heinz, facilitate a conversation between the past & the future. 


To emphasize the importance of Heinz, we teamed up to create the many different techniques of dispensing ketchup. For their 150th anniversary, we wanted to reveal the most appropriate technique to dispense ketchup. 

My Role

1. Concept, Copy

2. Art director


Uten Lama, Tyisha Kellman, Thaddeus Coates

Case Study


Using the insight & the strategy, our team wanted to create a case-study video that mirrors the humor & the creativity of our ads. The case-study video depicts the many challenges of dispensing ketchup & how different individuals are with their preferences. The case-study summarizes that with Heinz, we can embrace our individualities and our differences. 

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